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  • Oven Repair Services

    Don’t Cut Corners with Electrical Oven Repairs, Ovens are one of the most vital appliances needed nowadays. Baking has become quite the norm, not to mention the health benefits associated with home cooking. In fact, appliances such as electrical ovens come in handy using baking techniques including roasted meals to deserts, than you would use a regular cook top.

    Using our OvenWorxs network of repair will save money on costly DIY repairs gone wrong. Looking for a compatible spare part, and the dangers of electricity is a mix for disaster.

    At OvenWorxs we are experienced at replacing all part of you oven from element replacement, globe replacement, door hinges, door seals, fan force cooking fans and more. We have a simple cost effective fixed pricing system that will put you at ease.

  • Electrician Services Include

    OvenWorxs are a Melbourne-based company, which offers oven repair service and other electrical contracting works. Ovens brands include are Chef, Meg, Westinghouse, Euro maid, Omega, Belong and more........ We provide fixed price service and eliminate the guess work for your budget.

    OvenWorxs are able to provide oven installation including, dedicated 15 and 20 amp oven circuits, switchboard upgrades as well as installing range hoods or LED lighting for domestic and commercial property's. With a professional and efficient team of Electricians you know you're in good hands.

    We have many oven repair solutions at cost effective budget, you can contact us at www.ovenworxs.com, speak to an electrician direct 0419 005 532 or call our office today 038361 5889 . So do not hesitate, and get your oven in good safe working condition.
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