Oven fan not working properly

Is your oven fan making loud noises and rattling – it may be time to repair or replace.

  • Cooking fan replacement

    Your cooking fan is one option you may be using with the heating element. The fan is used to distribute heat as evenly as passable and used for efficient cooking times. Cooking without the fan when using this setting can result in poor cooking times and under cooked meals.

    How to Fix Your Cooking Fan

    Repairing your fan can involve a number of solutions, its best to contact OvenWorxs for a diagnostic service so that we can determine the cause of the problem. We carry a number od different oven brand fan kits, there are some models that will need to be ordered, which take between one to four days. In an emergency with a small fee we an provide you with a chang over oven to get you going, please ask on enquiry.

    Price To Replace Your Fan

    Prices do variety from model to model with fan replacements, OvenWorks do provide a competitive pricing structure for all type of budgets. Open and transparent oven repairs, fixed with no price surprises.