Supply And Install Your Oven Globes

Dose you oven globe work – there's nothing worse than not being able to see what you cooking.

  • Our Oven Globe Service

    Replacing an oven globe may seem to be a simple exercises, but get it wrong and you will be spending your money time and time again. Let OvenWorxs size and replace you oven globe knowing the job will be done right the first time. We carry most oven globes and if we need to, we can order a replacement globe for those tricky situations.

  • Fixed Price

    Often wondering about the price of what it would cost to replace your oven globe, we'll were got you covered. Our fixed price policy is easy to understand and you will be surprised at how competitive it will be to replace your oven globe.

    What Brands Do We Supply

    There are many brands we have available from Chef, Blanco, Euromaid, St George, Westinghouse, Fisher & Pykel, Bosch and more.

    Can I Replace My Oven Globe Myself

    Well you can if you have the right tools, the protective glass cove will need to be removed before you an replace the globe. Over time this glass cover can seize itself and become tight to take of with your hands. There is a technique needed to replace the globe and unless you have successfully tried before it may be best left for the experts.